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RENEW Your Purpose.

Coaching solutions to move you forward

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Feeling Stuck?
Let Us Help.

Are you feeling stuck? Burned out? Anxious? Depressed? Are you looking for help, but don't know where to start? Renew Coaching offers a certified and proven method to equip you with tools to help you to thrive in life and leadership.


Our team will empower you with solutions for your daily life, and develop a clear vision for the future. Contact us today to learn how coaching can help you and your organization take the next step.

Shawna W.

What sets Mary apart is her skill in asking thought-provoking questions that have allowed me to explore my thoughts and emotions deeply. Through her guidance, I have gained clarity and a greater understanding of myself. This self-awareness has been instrumental in making positive changes in my life.

Robert B.

Mary has been an instrumental force in my journey towards success and personal growth. From the moment we began working together, she understood my goals and dreams and helped me reinforce them to move forward confidently.

Pam S.

I’ve enjoyed the course and gleaned quite a bit of techniques and strategies to ensure my success as a mentor and life coach. Ms. Mary Hill, is awesome and a true beauty internally and externally! Couldn’t ask for anyone better.
This was a true divine appointment with my destiny call. 

What is Mental Health Support Coaching

A mental Health Support Coach is an unlicensed, but trained individual who assists a client in a Mental health diagnosis and or helping clients make goals and learn to manage mental health issues that get in the way of everyday life.


This includes:

  • Helping a client recognize when a mental health issue is present such as anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, or other issues that might cause issues in day to day life functions.

  • If a client has not had professional counseling, or might show signs of a mental health disorder, a coach can help make referrals to Licensed Professionals that can diagnose or talk to the client about medications if needed.

  • A mental health coach helps a client find ways to cope and create meaningful connections and support as the client navigates through the mental health issues they are encountering.

  • A mental health coach can be a support of ongoing care and assist clients in making plans, obtaining goals and moving forward in their life and help restore the client to a new normal.

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