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What is Mental Health Support Coaching

A mental Health Support Coach is an unlicensed, but trained individual who assists a client in a Mental health diagnosis and or helping clients make goals and learn to manage mental health issues that get in the way of everyday life.


This includes:

  • Helping a client recognize when a mental health issue is present such as anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, or other issues that might cause issues in day to day life functions.

  • If a client has not had professional counseling, or might show signs of a mental health disorder, a coach can help make referrals to Licensed Professionals that can diagnose or talk to the client about medications if needed.

  • A mental health coach helps a client find ways to cope and create meaningful connections and support as the client navigates through the mental health issues they are encountering.

  • A mental health coach can be a support of ongoing care and assist clients in making plans, obtaining goals and moving forward in their life and help restore the client to a new normal.





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