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Mary Ann Hill is an internationally recognized professional who has devoted her entire career to helping others. She is a Certified Master Coach and Master Trainer and a highly engaging motivational speaker and teacher who has traveled the world sharing her inspirational insights about the power of coaching and helping others.

Mary holds bachelor’s degree in human services counseling and a master’s in human services counseling/life coaching and has over twenty years of experience in social work and case management.

In 2017, she joined Fowler International, launched her own successful coaching practice and became a FIA Certified Master Coach, Certified Master Trainer, Certified Professional Coach, Certified Disaster Recovery Coach, and Certified Community Coach, and a Board Certified Mental Health Coach, and a member of the International Board of Christian Coaches.


Since then, Mary has trained hundreds of FIA Certified Professional Coaches as well as directed training on military bases across America. She also and created FIA’s Tuesday Morning Coaches Coffee Connection, a weekly support group open to all of our graduates.

Mary’s true passion is coaching her clients to live a more joy filled, successful and abundant life and teaching others to become highly effective and successful Certified Professional Coaches.

Mary Ann Hill is a FIA Certified Master Coach, Trainer, Certified Professional Coach, Certified Disaster Recovery Coach, and Certified Community Coach. She has worked in social work and case management services for over 20 years. Mary has done extensive work with people from all walks of life and financial backgrounds. Growing up in a military family, and a mother of a former Army sergeant, led Mary to focus on veterans and those currently in military service. In 2017, Mary launched her coaching practice called Renew Professional Coaching which specialized in assisting clients through various transitions in life. Mary has conducted FIA trainings at various Air Force bases and has worked with veterans to coach them into their new civilian life. Mary now has the pleasure and honor to take the baton as owner and CEO of
Fowler International Academy.


Mary has a B.A. in Human Services Counseling from Lincoln Christian University, and a M.A. in Human Services Counseling/ Life Coaching, from Liberty University. Coaching has always been in Mary’s tool belt while assisting people from all walks of life to discover their path to success. Mary is also a motivational speaker who shares her story of finding life and hope after overcoming personal disappointments, various life transitions, and living her best life. Mary shares how she found hope, and discovered her passion to coach people to finding their hope as well.


Mary has over 15 years in motivational speaking and teaching and has traveled the world sharing her story and coaching. She speaks to all people and strives to help people find hope and healing by conducting soul tending to find strength to live a purposeful and blessed life.

My Goals as Your Coach
● Empower you to lead well
● Help you clarify and craft your vision
● Develop pathways to reach your vision
● Celebrate your wins

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My name is Jonathan Rector, and I am committed to walking with you to help empower and inspire a vision within you. I am passionate about investing in and empowering others to lead well. Leadership is about influence, and everyone holds influence somewhere. We influence ourselves. We influence our families, friends, co-workers, teammates, and even sometimes complete strangers. We all want to leave a legacy and achieve something while we are here. My heart is to help you craft a vision, see new possibilities, and grow deeper in your or your organization’s life.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Leadership and Management from Lincoln Christian University and am continuing my master’s degree in Biblical Studies and Theology from Thirdmill Seminary. I have work experience in retail and sales management, online marketing, and leadership development. I am passionate about helping people from all walks of life. Whether through my faith or practically through life. I expanded my role into Certified Professional and Executive Leadership Coaching to help people in new ways.

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