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10 Reasons a Leadership Coach Can Bless Your Organization

"I'm so overwhelmed..." is something I have experienced and said out loud several times as I have pastored, lead in the non-profit world, and heard from my friends who also lead in the ministry world.

Have you ever felt that way while leading your team and organization?

I have been around church and non-profit organizations my whole life. My dad served on non-profit boards, and he eventually went to seminary and pastored a small country church of 11 people! My mother started a non-profit prison ministry, and I witnessed the various obstacles she had to overcome as an Executive Director. My whole family understands the challenges and struggles of serving in the non-profit, church, and ministry space!

Years ago, I served as an executive in a small non-profit that was doing incredible work. Like many non-profits, the cause was incredible, but the organizational culture was struggling. We needed help! A partnering church paid for a leadership coach and consultant for 6 months to help us. AND IT DID!

Our organization had several mentors, collaborated with other ministry leaders, and great volunteers. BUT, the leadership coach helped us in several ways.

Here are 10 reasons that I believe a leadership coach blessed our ministry, and could potentially bless yours.

1. Expertise and Experience: Coaches and Consultants often possess specialized knowledge and expertise in areas such as fundraising, strategic planning, program development, marketing, governance, or financial management. They bring insights gained from working with diverse organizations, which can be invaluable for your specific needs.

2. Objective Perspective: They offer an external and unbiased viewpoint. They can identify issues or areas for improvement that might not be apparent to those closely involved in day-to-day operations. This objective perspective helps in creating effective strategies and solutions. This was extremely helpful for us because we justified behaviors that were actually hurting our organization. It took a professional to help us really detach emotion to find the BEST solution!

3. Efficiency and Effectiveness: Coaches bring efficiency by streamlining processes, implementing best practices, and suggesting improvements. This can lead to better use of resources, increased productivity, and improved overall effectiveness in achieving your ministry's goals. I like to say that our coach helped us maximize our impact!

4. Strategic Planning and Development: Coaches can assist in developing and refining your organization's strategic plan, ensuring alignment with your mission, vision, and objectives. They can also help in designing programs, setting goals, and establishing clear metrics for success. There are so many things that disrupted our momentum like long and unproductive meetings, unclear goals, unclear expectations, and staff working in different directions. Our coach helped us get really, really practical.

5. Fundraising and Resource Development: Many coaches and consultants specialize in fundraising strategies, grant writing, donor engagement, and resource development. They can offer guidance on diversifying funding sources, creating effective fundraising campaigns, and maximizing donor relationships. There are so many great Christian leaders in this field. The Fellowship of Christian Athletes put us through one of the best fundraising boot camps in the world through a partner called "Support Raising Solutions"

6. Capacity Building: Coaches can help build the capacity of your team by providing training, mentoring, and guidance, empowering your staff and volunteers with new skills and knowledge. So much of my time was focused on the most urgent instead of the most important. Staff burnout is REAL and something I experienced. Don't underestimate the value of investing in your staff's health and well-being. Our coach helped us focus on the most important activity that helped us advance our mission and grow leaders.

7. Change Management and Organizational Development: For nonprofits undergoing change or growth, coaches can provide support in managing transitions, restructuring, or developing new initiatives while maintaining organizational stability. I was a part of an organization that went through a tough executive transition and it almost shut down the ministry. Leadership transitions, especially when a founder is involved, is very difficult. Non-profits and churches especially struggle with this because a large percentage of the time the donors started giving because of the founder. This is one of the most important times to hire a professional leadership coach!

8. Networking and Partnerships: Coaches often have extensive networks within the non-profit sector and can facilitate connections with potential partners, stakeholders, or other organizations that could benefit your ministry. One of the greatest things we did with our coach was have monthly round tables with other local non-profit and church leaders! We not only learned great information, we were able to do exercises and collaborate with other like-minded organizations.

9. Customized Solutions: Coaches and Consultants tailor their approach to suit your organization's unique needs. They work collaboratively with your team to develop solutions that are specifically aligned with your mission, values, and goals. I like to say that there is so much great content for free on the internet. You do not pay a coach just for content. You pay a coach to take the content, customize it for your exact context, and hold you accountable for follow-through! Context is king. I don't pay a fitness coach to work out. I pay a fitness coach to get me a specific plan and hold me accountable in real-time! That's the same for a leadership coach.

10. Time and Cost Savings: While hiring a coach involves an initial investment, their expertise can save time and resources in the long run by avoiding costly mistakes and implementing efficient strategies. Our coach costed us time and money. Looking back, it was a worthy investment. As a Christian, I believe God wants us to be a good steward of His people and resources. Just like the parable of the talents, God wants us to wisely invest in the things that builds His kingdom. Our coach helped us slow down and focus on the best ways we could both shepherd and steward our leaders and resources.

Hiring a coach is an investment that will bring you a return. Just like anything, you get what you give. Before hiring a coach and/or consultant, it's essential to clearly define your needs, establish expectations, and ensure that the consultant's expertise aligns with your ministry's goals. I became a Leadership Coach that specializes in ministries and non-profits because I believe they can transform the world. Most pastors, ministry and non-profit leaders have a great heart, but need help growing their organization.

I continue to serve as a non-profit leader with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes in Austin, Texas. This means I am a practitioner as well as a coach. I have the privilege to coach our staff, volunteers, and collaborate with other ministries and churches in the Greater Austin area.

If you would like to explore how I or one of our coaches can bless your organization, please book a free call today.

Written by:

Certified Executive Leadership Coach

Professional Certified Coach

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